Backing Up
Your Enterprise

Nothing is more disastrous than losing files from a server crash. It not only slows down your business, but it takes time to recover the lost data. Smartweb’s state-of-the-art data centers employ a parallel process protocol that simultaneously backs up your virtual servers and data anytime changes are made. Not only does this help you access your valuable information anywhere and anytime, but it ensures that you never experience any downtime from a server crash. Our systems will mirror your network and server so you never even notice a crash.
Lost files and system failures can paralyze a project. That’s why having a contingency plan is crucial.

Cloud Backup safeguards your business by helping to protect the important files your website or application needs. Quickly get back to normal operations by rapidly restoring files after a system failure or file loss.

Benefits of Smartweb's Cloud Backup System

24/7/365 Up-time

Our servers keep your data and network up and running around the clock so you are never slowed down by a crash.

Redundant/Secure Backups
Anytime a change is made to your data, a copy will be made and saved on our servers to ensure your data is always protected and available.
Save Time & Money
For Data that is integrated with on our Cloud Servers on our high-capacity network, protecting files and restoring backups takes just minutes. Our team will work to ensure your data is always accessible at a price that will save you money.
Scalable Plans
All of our plans can be scaled up or down to grow with your business and suit your needs

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