Smartweb IT services for your Law Firm

At Smartweb, we understand that a standard solution does not work for everyone so we will customize it according to your law firm needs keeping you competitive and running.

Law firms such as yourself need reliable computer systems to manage your cases, your time billing, easy access to libraries of documents time, billing, accounting, document management and other day-to-day functions that allow the firm to operate efficiently. Mobile technology today is a big asset to lawyers while traveling, at court or accessing information remotely, providing access to pertinent information on demand. Offices use Video conferencing systems, website portals and IP phone systems to also run their businesses more efficiently.

Onsite as well as remote 24/7 monitoring
Secure your data, Internet and Firewalls
Keeping all your software and hardware compliant and running optimally
Email uptime, availability, archival and discovery systems

Keep your workstations and devices running optimally

We protect you from spyware, malware and viruses

As your IT partner, Smartweb will manage your technology with proactive services leveraging cloud and business continuity solutions to keep your law office running smoothly end efficiently.

Tell us your IT needs

Let us help you get your company’s technology infrastructure needs in check so you can focus on what really matters, the students.