What is infrastructure
as a service?

Using Infrastructure-as-a-Service you do not need to purchase new or upgrade any new hardware to provide the basis of infrastructure. All of that is housed and managed in the cloud and delivered as a service. Typically, IaaS provides hardware, servers, storage, firewalls and data center where it is all housed.

Smartweb specializes in IaaS delivering you state-of-the-art hardware and networking components for a fraction of the cost it would cost implementing and maintain in house.

Benefits of Smartweb IaaS Solutions

Onsite as well as remote 24/7 monitoring
Secure your data, Internet and Firewalls
Keeping all your software and hardware compliant and running optimally
Email uptime, availability, archival and discovery systems
Keep you compliant with industry standards
Implement a disaster recovery and business continuity plan

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