There is no better way to cut back on hardware expenses and have your servers operating in an optimum IT environment than through co-location of your servers at one of Smartweb’s state-of-the-art data centers. Our IT specialists can move your existing servers and ensure you never have to worry about your IT infrastructure ever again. Your data and network will always be secure and running when you need it.

With co-locations in and near major industry hubs such as New Jersey/New York City, Atlanta, Charlotte and Dallas Smartweb will host your servers with any of our data centers to have the fastest and most reliable connection to your staff, customers, and business. Scaling up your servers usually requires huge capital overlays of expensive hardware, with Smartweb you can scale your plan based on your needs and expectations. We can grow with your business so your IT expectations are always exceeded.

Businesses trust SMARTWEB to host their IT infrastructure so they never have to worry. We work with your organization to create internet and technology solutions to enable you to utilize technology as should be. Contact us today for a free consultation and have your servers colocated with SMARTWEB tomorrow.

Advantages of Co-Location with Smartweb


Get rid of those pesky servers that suck up energy and resources and streamline your systems through our remote data centers

24/7/365 Run-time

Never experience downtime or data loss from a server crash again, your data and network will be backed up and available around the clock


Our servers are constantly being monitored and maintained, we employ the latest and best in firewalls and security protocols


Our team will work with your business to find the plan that fits your needs best, as you grow we can grow with you

Global Access

Remotely connect to your network and data from anywhere in the world with an internet connection


All of our plans are more than competitive and custom-made to be economical and effective

Tell us your co-location needs

Let us help you get your business technology infrastructure needs in check so you can focus on what really matters, the business.