Cloud computing is a relatively new service, but adopting its services to your business offers numerous benefits:

1. Cost

You pay only for what you need, which enhances cost flexibility. Instead of buying software or storage space at a fixed rate, cloud computing enables you to rent what you need as desired. Data recovery is often an expensive affair with large up-front investment, but utilizing the cloud can help save that money, particularly for smaller businesses that may not have the funds for traditional security measures.

2. Flexibility

Cloud services allow companies to focus less on data backup and more on their actual projects with file sharing and virtual meetings that allow coworkers to communicate in real-time long-distance. Fluctuating bandwidth is often a concern, and cloud computing is best able to handle it, as it’s easy to scale up or down as need dictates.

3. Data Recovery

Information stored on the cloud will always be there, even if a laptop or a tablet gets stolen or if the system malfunctions.

4. Security

Stolen laptops or other devices that may contain easily accessed data can always be remotely wiped from the cloud. Cloud-services also offer greater document control, as attachments aren’t being sent via email repeatedly and often with confusion just for coworkers to collaborate on a project. Instead file sharing offers a safer, simpler alternative.

5. Performance

The increased ability for coworkers to collaborate easily and safely, along with the easier line of communication between management and headquarters, offered by cloud-services renders it a largely more productive system than traditional IT solutions.

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