When one comes across the word "ransom", what comes to mind usually is the act of holding a person hostage in exchange for some type of payment. Criminals have now taken to the worldwide web with a new form of extortion— ransomware. 

What is Ransomware?

Ransomware is a specific type of malware that hackers create as a means to force money from unsuspecting victims. A computer can become infected with ransomware by clicking on infected pop-up advertisements, visiting infected websites, or by opening attachments sent through emails.

Why should you beware ransomware?

Ransomware operates by either locking a user out of their computer entirely or by encrypting their data so that it can no longer be accessed by the user. The criminals behind the virus take advantage of the user by locking them out of their system until a payment is transferred to them. 

Just like other types of malware, ransomware is quite preventable. Consider the following 3 recommended precautions to take that can protect your data and wallet:

  • Using a quality antivirus software from a reputable company is the first step to prevention of any possible cyber attack. These kinds of software come with vital tools such as automatic daily scans and safe web browsing features that will prevent your system from possible infection of ransomware.
  • A pop-up blocker tool is essential to counter any infected advertisements from entering your sight. This blocker tool will exceedingly reduce your chances for ever coming into contact with fraudulent advertisements that can devastate your system.
  • It is always in good measure to make a habit out of backing up your data to an external hard drive.  If an encounter with ransomware were to ever occur, you will have some peace of mind knowing that you possess copies of the data in which they are trying to withhold from you.

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