Businesses are increasingly taking advantage of cloud-based services that allow them to run software and back up data off-site in the cloud.

When it comes to generating and storing data backups, the cloud is potentially appealing for a number of reasons. High-quality cloud backup solutions offer flexibility, security, reliability and cost-effectiveness. A powerful cloud-based solution will allow you to safely store data off-site, restore the data quickly if you sustain a cyber disaster, and accommodate changes in the amount of storage space you need for your data.

However, before you consider what solution works best for you, you have to understand what you need and lay out policies for consistently protecting and organizing your data regardless of where they're stored.

Combating data carelessness

recent article from Info Security discusses how many companies fail to follow a consistent policy for encrypting data. For example, they'll transfer a lot of data to the cloud without properly applying encryption, even when the data may be sensitive. On top of that, they may send the data over insecure connections and choose cloud-based storage options that don't offer sufficiently powerful security.

Various organizational problems can also contribute to data carelessness. Companies may not know the location of all their sensitive data and may fail to consistently keep track of their efforts to transfer and back up files. Furthermore, they may not have properly classified their data to begin with, prioritizing the most sensitive data and aiming for the highest levels of protection possible.

Because cloud backup solutions need to get tailored to your particular needs, it's important to understand your data and work out clear policies for organization and encryption before you select a backup solution. Don't hesitate to contact us for additional advice and assistance.