The Google Cloud is basically a cloud-based system designed by Google that functions in much the same way as the Google Drive, the Google search engine, and Youtube. Much like the Google Drive, the Google Cloud is a place to store files and documents in one place safely. Users search for their documents like they would websites in the search engine, and find what they need with ease.

Specifically, the Google Cloud system is part of the Google for Work line up of enterprise solutions. With it are options such as hosting, cloud storage, computing, and more.

With all of this in mind, I am sure you are asking yourself the all-important question: how does this help my business? Is my business a good candidate for the Google Cloud?

If you are looking for a cloud system that provides all of the amenities that Google has to offer, your business may qualify to try the Google Cloud for free. Those who have tried the Google Cloud have found it to be a great option for all of their data storage needs, and enjoyed the ability to store and retrieve any amount of data–no worries about using up a set number of gigabytes with the Google Cloud! The storage is unlimited! Also, the sharing of documents with others in your business is easy as it gets with the Google Cloud. The possibilities are endless for your business if you qualify.

The Google Cloud is a great new option from the Google for Work line up. It is worth a try for your business. Don't know yet if your business qualifies? Contact us today to find out more!