Do your employees need the ability to access their computers from wherever they are? Then considerDesktop as a Service (DaaS) as an IT solution.

With DaaS, you can use the same virtual desktop computer from anywhere. The cloud server takes care of setup, maintenance, and backup. You can access it from any kind of device: a tablet, a phone, or a low-priced office computer. Don't confuse Desktop as a Service with Data as a Service, which is also called DaaS.

DaaS can offer many benefits:

  • It reduces the cost of ownership. Rather than buying computers, you lease desktops as you need them and drop them when you don't.
  • It gives your workforce mobility. They aren't tied to a physical device's location.
  • It simplifies management if you frequently add and remove users.
  • For a small business, it can eliminate the need for an IT manager. For a larger one, it frees IT people from routine system maintenance and gives them more time for other tasks.
  • It reduces security concerns, since a full-time staff is ready to handle issues that arise.
  • It simplifies deploying software, managing licenses, and upgrading applications.
  • It reduces vulnerability to a disaster affecting your office.

At the same time, DaaS isn't for everyone. If the following are concerns, it may not be the right choice for you:

  • Complex, customized software may be harder to manage.
  • Some software may not be available for licensing under DaaS.
  • Slow Internet connections or highly interactive software may cause latency problems. You may have to pay for more bandwidth.
  • Confidentiality and security requirements may prohibit offsite desktops.
  • An internally managed Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) may offer a better return on investment, especially for a larger organization with the necessary resources.

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