One of the most difficult parts of managing a business, is making sure to stay on top of every task. Between thinking of new ways to bring in customers, and making sure your personal network is free of viruses, it's always important to plan ahead of time. Speaking of which, have you considered a contingency plan for your business, especially in relation to any important information? After all, whether it's through careless mistakes, or even the latest computer virus, these are only a few ways in which your company may become susceptible to data loss. Of all the reasons you should consider a disaster/recovery plan, though, faulty and/or outdated hardware are quite common in the business world.

Machines can be very unpredictable, and even if you have the latest security on your laptop, a loss of data may occur if your hardware is outdated. Sometimes, you never know when a device may fail, especially if you've been using it for quite a while. For example, let's say that you have a personal laptop for your business, which you've been using for the past few years. Nowadays, not only are many computers built to last for only a couple of years, but what if your laptop suddenly crashed, and you hadn't even backed up your data? One of the best contingency plans for dealing with this issue, is a USB flash drive. Aside from allowing you to store copies of your information on said device, all of your important data is already backed up and protected from data loss. If your computer is still experiencing issues, you can even transfer your stored data to another device in your office. Most importantly, though, you should regularly store your information on the USB drive. Don't wait until your computer starts experiencing issues before taking action.

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