Windows XP was for many years looked on as the de facto business software base. Many financial institutions and other companies built complex business critical solutions with it at their core. Microsoft stopped supporting the desktop version in July 2014, and although they continue to support the embedded version, this ends in January 2016. What effect will this have?

  • The dropping of support means that there will no longer be fixes coming out for any new security breaches. This issue has prompted some concern in the UK, where Windows XP is still used by the majority of bank ATMs.
  • According to data from November 2015, XP still has an almost 11% global market share. We can speculate it is likely that a large number of these users are smaller businesses or individuals rather than corporate users. Even so, this does show how large this potential issue could be.
  • It has been noted that malware authors often use outdated software as a path to a computer and then into an otherwise secure network. The more machines there are running outdated software, the more the incentive to seek to exploit any vulnerabilities in the system. With the end of any support for XP, it is hard to think of a more tempting target.

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