It is common knowledge today that for one to have an electronic device, such as a computer, then one must also have some type of security installed or built into that device. Everyone wants their personal information as well as their files and programs protected against the threats of the Internet. The same applies to business networks, however small and this makes having only an antivirus software dangerous, no matter how excellent that antivirus works. The security of your business and its data is vital. In this article, we’ll be addressing what you need to know about Firewalls and Security to keep your business from becoming a treasure trove for cyber criminals.

Software Firewalls: Most computers come with a built-in firewall system. This software, much like the antivirus software, acts as a barrier between a computer and the Internet. The Firewall is there to intercept and block attempts made from an outside source to infiltrate the computer. As a security guard will look at an ID before allowing access to his site, the Firewall analyzes each data packet that comes from the Internet before allowing it to enter the computer. When a data packet is from an unknown, blocked or suspicious site, then the Firewall blocks that data packet from entering. This provides an added and useful line of defense against Internet threats.

Hardware Firewalls: While a software firewall is a program that needs to be installed on each computer that needs protecting within a business network, a hardware firewall does not. You can purchase a standalone hardware firewall or a broadband router for your business’s network. Most broadband routers have a firewall within them. This enables you to protect each computer on your business network at once. Imagine a shield or net encompassing your business’s network. That shield or net is your hardware Firewall which will work just as the software firewall will.

Don’t Rely Solely on a Firewall: While Firewalls are hugely important to your business’s security, they are not the end all be all. You will want to invest in an excellent antivirus software that is attuned to business as well as your Firewall. Doing this will ensure your business’s information and computers are optimally protected.

Research: Before you go out and buy that Hardware Firewall and business attuned antivirus, be sure to do some quality research. Not every antivirus is compatible with every Firewall and vice a versa. Take the time to research so you know what combination will work best for you and your business.
The Internet is a wonderful thing for any business and any one person. There is a world’s worth of knowledge and connections at your fingertips but keep in mind the threats from malicious codes and cyber criminals. The above four tips will keep you ahead of the game and keep your business protected. If you have any questions or you would like more information, please feel free to contact us.