Simply put, free wi-fi has no real security against hackers and thieves. Free wi-fi requires no password to get in, and is all on one network that the public at large uses. This makes it a danger to both the public and businesses in general.

Sure, there are some definite pros to free wi-fi; first of all, it is free, which means no data charges. This makes it tempting to use when you have a proposal to send right away, and have already used all of your data. Students can send off papers to professors at 11:59pm while they sit at a Starbucks guzzling an espresso using free wi-fi. It has proved handy to people who are bored and simply want to surf the web as they wait for their food at a favorite restaurant. However, the fact is there is no security guarding against potential hackers, phishing, and identity theft. It is altogether too simple a task for someone to steal crucial information.

The second issue that is both a blessing and a curse is that free wi-fi generally does not require a password to log in. All a person has to do is accept the terms and conditions, and they are in. Again, this is very convenient to the average wi-fi user, but for the hacker, this makes for a golden opportunity.

Personal and private business information require protection against hackers and thieves. Identity theft is no joke, and has the potential to ruin personal lives as well as destroy businesses. Fight against this risk and protect your hard work today!