The COVID-19 crisis has certainly encouraged remote working. But the question mark over its suitability for all people looms large. Today more people are working from their homes to prevent spreading the disease. Companies from all over the world adopted this measure to arrest the spread of the virus.

While remote work is something new to most of the workforce, its flexibility has made it popular. This popularity is not limited to employers alone and benefits the employee too. The remote working arrangement helps people balance their lives better. People get a better balance between professional and personal life through it. Remote work also is especially handy for employers during weather crises. During such periods of natural adversity, remote work lets employees keep on working.

Despite the definite advantages of remote working, the fact that it is suitable for everyone is disputed by some. But many prominent personalities specializing in career vouch for the concept. The best thing about this arrangement is the flexibility of schedules. It frees employees and employers from a set of 9-5 working hours. According to them, the very idea of being able to work from anywhere is a big hit. Besides the flexible schedule, working from your home is far more helpful than cramping up in a small office.

It would be wrong to assume that only the employees benefit from remote working. Employers too get reduced operations costs. Not only that, the relative happiness of the workers means enhanced productivity. Remote work helps to retain office personnel for longer durations of time.

But another section of specialist career coaches does, however, concede that full-time remote work is not universally suitable. Anxiety and mental health issues often plague full-time remote workers. But to be honest, that holds ground for office work as well.

Solitary people are better suited for remote work. It would help if you remain motivated to work even when no supervisor is overseeing your work.

For a balanced view of remote work, it is necessary to keep in mind its downsides too. It does make home life a bit stressful. If you work alone for long periods, it is also likely that you will feel alone more.

Another significant drawback of the concept is the fact that some sectors don’t allow for it. This is due to the very nature of the work in hospitality, retail, and manufacturing.

With surging popularity, remote work is finding greater adoption than ever before. Companies realize that it is helpful for both their bottom-line and functions.

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