Over the past few years, cloud and cloud computing has gained the attention of individuals, companies and organizations from all over the world. The large reduction in IT expenses that come with the use of cloud has brought about the gain. Below are some of the IT expenditures in a company that cloud has successfully reduced.

Storage costs – for small size data, like 15 GBs for Google Drive, you freely store your information on the internet. As a result, the cost of buying hardware for storing such information reduces. For large data, one has to pay for the storage. However, the cost of online storage is far much less than the cost of acquiring the storage hardware.

Server expenses – with cloud computing, you can now turn your PC into a server, called a cloud server, from where you can run your cloud service. As you move out, you ensure your PC is connected to the internet then you leave it running. The PC becomes a server for your information, and you can access it from anywhere you are. With the cloud server, the size of the hard disk of the PC is what limits the storage and not the amount of money you can pay. You, therefore, save on the cost of buying servers that are very expensive and difficult to maintain.

Back-up cost – when you have your data stored in the cloud, you are not worried that the information may be lost. There is, therefore, no need of backing up your information.

Closely associated with the backing up IT expense is the maintenance cost. Without cloud computing, you will need hardware to back-up your information. This equipment requires maintenance, and it is a very costly activity. Cloud reduces these expenses since the maintenance cost is transferred to the cloud service provider.

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