There are several reasons one might want to move their computer systems to the cloud but the most obvious one is “Economic”. So one might ask how is it economical if you have to pay your service providers to host your systems and your data and possibly pay for increased bandwidth.

With the increase of technology in the day to day activities of users you have your internal staff tied up primarily on Helpdesk calls. Even the CEO has his IPad and his IPhone and his IWatch and they all have to be synced up and your technical support staff is tied up taking care of his needs as well as every other  users. So who is looking after your data center, your servers and your infrastructure? Either they are being neglected or you will need to hire additional staff. This will increase your budget substantially.

Here is how Smartweb’s combination of Cloud Computing and Data Center Services can help solve that problem:

–          Utilizing Smartweb’s Cloud services you can create a virtual data center and the day to day management of your servers becomes our responsibility. The systems are managed, patched and backed up.,  Replacement servers don’t need to be bought and expanding and adding servers can be done at a moment’s notice at a minimum of cost.

–          With Smartweb’s Data Center services you may collocate your existing servers in a fully power and cooling redundant environment along with a high level of security protocols. This will allow you to manage your IT environment with a minimal staff and they can be more focused on Helpdesk and user related issues

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