You probably spend most of your time worrying about the day-to-day operation of your business. You think about how to attract and retain customers; you think about how to choose and work with suppliers. You probably don't spend much time watching the weather or checking your business premises for signs of smoke.

If a flood, fire or other disaster strikes, you will have to put all of your day-to-day concerns on hold. Your sole concern will be figuring out how to get your business running again. A big part of this process, known as disaster recovery, is getting your data systems operating again.

Most businesses are aware of the need for backups. Viruses, hackers and accidental deletion all pose risks to the data that your business relies on to operate. Unfortunately, many businesses make backups and then place those backups next to their main systems. If a disaster such as a fire or flood occurs, both the backup and the primary system may be destroyed.

Off-site hosting and off-site backups can help businesses to avoid this scenario. Businesses can decouple operation of their online presence from the safety of their physical location by hosting data systems off-site. If a disaster strikes at the business' physical location, the remotely hosted websites, databases and data systems continue to hum along. This allows the business to focus its energy on tasks like cleanup and construction without worrying that their online public face is closed to customers or that critical databases could be lost.

If you need the type of high-quality, off-site hosting and backup services that can help your business to recover after a disaster, please contact us.