Cloud-based IP (Internet Protocol) phone systems offer several advantages over the traditional Private Branch Exchange (PBX) system. Most companies with an in-house PBX solution have to use their internal IT resources or hire a third party when something goes wrong or when a change needs to be made. For instance, you may have someone whom you call for your PBX system maintenance and upgrades, another person for your phone lines, and yet another one for your long distance service. Using a cloud-based IP PBX service eliminates the need for burdening your IT staff or hiring multiple third parties to handle your company's telecommunications needs, thereby making it faster and easier to administer your phone system.

With a cloud-based PBX solution, employees can make calls, system changes, and updates from anywhere. This is especially convenient in situations where the power and phone lines go out, or if something happens to your office building that prevents you from accessing it (e.g., another tenant accidentally starts a fire, and everyone must go outside). Phone calls can still be made and received from another location, as long as electricity and an Internet connection are available.

Another advantage of hosted PBX is that many cloud IP providers offer advanced tools for better handling of incoming calls to ensure that you never miss a call. Other tools include those which monitor employee performance and assist with tracking your marketing and advertising efforts. Hosted PBX also lowers the total cost of ownership of your PBX system because you don't have to purchase and maintain special equipment. Employees can use a desk phone or a so-called "softphone," which is software that allows a computer or laptop to be used as a telephone. In that case, the only additional equipment that would be required is a headset with a microphone.

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