Interested in the general success of cloud computing in 2016?  The following are our predictions:

The practical use of cloud computing makes it possible for the industry of information technology to ascend from out of the dungeon it, for many years, has called home.  There is a sense of springtime in the air as happier days are ahead for the cloud computing industry.

There will be an obvious decline of enterprise computing.  The trends in 2015 indicated that customers were shifting away from that of enterprise cloud service.  Consumers were interested in commodity services.  Persons who are major players have moved away from the enterprise offerings, sold their assets with regard to the enterprise; or were not able to retain their top executives with regard to the cloud.  Contrast the preceding to developed software control planning options provided by major cloud providers.  The latter formulae is one that is successful. Still, the mass enterprise cloud provider, in all fairness, may still assume a modicum of success–that is, if such a provider is willing to take its enterprise cloud services to a market considered niche.  The preceding enterprise provider will not do nearly as well, though, as those cloud providers, willing to work within a broad-based marketplace.  The latter cloud providers are sure to post some impressive numbers.

Clarification of Hybrid Cloud Computing: It is anticipated that the concept of Enterprise will be a mutual technological balance of in-house and a cloud infrastructure.  The question then is: How much of the technology is in-house?  The shift will probably occur away from cloud expenditures in-house–since such approaches are much more costly.  This means there will be an increase in making use of the public cloud for newer applications.

It is apparent there is no longer any controversy over which type of infrastructure is best:  It is no longer a conversation starter as to which information technology infrastructure an in-house IT department should make use.  This means the idea is to naturally deliver the best, quality apps possible.  The infrastructure must be fast and efficient.  There is likely to be a market demand for application programmers.  Application programmers with respect to the cloud are not over abundant within the employment marketplace.  The preceding fact makes it interesting to note:  What will HR departments devise in order to attract application programmers relative to the native cloud from such a limited group of IT talent?

The reinvention of Enterprise information technology corporations:  The reduction of Enterprise IT organizations is strangely the same as when the American automobile market lost over 50% of its market share before finally making use of the small, more fuel-efficient approach offered by the Japanese in way of a vehicle.  It is best, today, that Enterprise companies act hastily with regard to more popular platforms such as streaming media, and crowd-sourcing.  This is to say:  the preceding popular platforms do not provide new releases one time a year; rather once hourly.

The organizations aware of the new technology know that continual delivery of applications will be mass in nature–eventually:  Companies that fail to recognize the immediacy of new apps in the IT environment will result in non-success.

Transcending from virtualization to computers:  The trend then is:  companies are leaning toward native cloud applications.  The virtual machine environment of today, in the future, will not support the expected delivery of applications in a timely manner.  This is to say:  containers and not machines of virtual nature are positioned to provide the user with the most efficiency in way of app execution.  The transition, naturally, does not happen right away.  The idea is that the savvy IT organization remain highly aware of the new wave of efficiency as it pertains to application execution which will prove more effective than current technology offerings.

In order to attain the best information possible as it pertains to Cloud Computing; savvy IT departments and corporations are welcome to contact us at their earliest possible convenience.  The new native cloud technology is here today and will play a big part in a corporation’s future as well.