How does IT support get handled in your company? Do you respond to IT problems only after your employees notice there’s an issue, or do you take a more proactive approach involving prevention and rapid detection?

Info Security recently published an article urging companies to move away from a reactive approach to IT support. With a reactive approach, IT personnel may not know about a network problem or software failure until employees are sounding the alarm. By the time IT personnel address the issue, it may already have developed into a more serious emergency. At the very least, the delay can result in down time, diminished productivity, and financial loss.

How can your IT support become more proactive?

There are a number of ways to shift to proactive IT support services. One strategy is to adopt remote monitoring and management. The potential benefits to your company include the following:

  • Even if your IT personnel aren’t on site, they can keep an eye on your network activity and detect any developing problems such as device outages, software failures or suspicious traffic.
  • Monitoring can take place round-the-clock, keeping you protected even outside of business hours.
  • Continuous monitoring means that IT personnel can intervene before a problem becomes a disaster. For example, if they detect suspicious activity on your network, they can act more quickly to protect you against a potential cyber attack.
  • Even if you don’t have in-house IT, you can rely on high-quality IT professionals to manage and monitor your system. You receive the benefits of an IT department that’s responsive to your needs, and will anticipate and act on issues before they severely disrupt your business operations.

Please contact us to further discuss our remote monitoring and management services. We take a proactive approach to helping you maintain a healthy, well-protected system.