The clouds appears to block the future of the familiar switch vendor:

When switching product offerings, there are many idyllic benefits involved.  In example Virtual Local Area Networking is one feature which comes to mind–its acronym is VLANS.  The virtual network is basically a manifestation of sorts.  The advent of the cloud makes switching more obvious in terms of black and white logic.  In other words, it is a game changer changing the role played by that of the switch vendor.

In more provincial terms, the switching about of products relied heavily on lavish protocols with regard to routing over the network and in order to make certain one area did not communicate with that of another area however could talk to a third area.  The preceding scenario can get even more complex in the convoluted field termed management of the network.

Cloud computing as savior:  Network management messiness is a thing of the past when the concept of cloud computing is introduced.  In example, security groupings are initially defined and subsequently deployed instantaneously.  The preceding scenario, to say the least, is a tremendous saver of precious time.  In other words, the user or network manager is no longer relegated to set up his or her policies of accessing the network.  In other words, there is no necessity for the manager to set up policies pertinent to control and access of the network.  The necessity for a software switch is tremendously minimized.  Many well-known companies are pleased with the time savings offered by cloud computing.

Okay, okay though–there is still a necessity for switches regardless of the viability of cloud computing:  Persons who wish to place one Network onto that of various infrastructures will use switches–however, this is by no means an opportunity as to growth for the switch vendors.  Switch vendors, as a general rule, are going to find a great deal of difficulty in locating new, incoming revenue from provincial product offerings during 2016.

There is also the annoying issue of embedding old technology into cloud computing for switch vendors:  In order to insert a virtual switch into a cloud environment, the vendor is required tight integration with a hypervisor.  The providers of cloud computing, though, really are under no obligation to provide third party switch vendors specialized entry into their specific systems–so say Good-bye switch vendors and say Hello cloud computing.

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