Viruses and malware can be devastating to a company. In an age where a business would be hard pressed to survive without computer intervention, getting a virus can cause your workflow to come to an abrupt halt. When that happens, your cash flow can also come to a halt.

Let's get acquainted with what viruses and malware are, and how they differ. Malware is kind of like the title of a book, whereas a virus would be considered like a chapter in that book. There are many forms of malware — viruses, trojan horses, worms, adware, and spyware to name a few. These programs will seek to either spy on information stored in your computer, force payment from the owner of the computer, or to wreak havoc in general. The purpose of the virus is strictly to wreak havoc.

Regardless of which piece of software your business gets hit with, you could stand to lose profit for as long as your computers are out of commission. You also stand to lose customers, and/or prospective customers, if it's found that you have a piece of malware that is gathering private information that has been stored on your system. No one wants their company to be thought of as a potential identity theft risk for their customers.

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