Business paradigm has changed and the time when office cubicle culture was prevailing has long gone. In current times, we talk about the internet of things (IoT). You cannot only work at a desktop . The gadgets using iOS and android are always with you and you need to get connected all the time. Hundreds and thousands of apps are there to make you at ease in your business. You really need to think which app will be suitable for you? Since you can’t use or try all the apps pouring in all the time. This depends over the nature of your company’s business activity.

1. Google Drive

The very first type of cloud based app you must be having is for creating, managing and sharing your documents. Google has made this choice very simple and you can do all this stuff through Google docs and manage them to share through Google drive. It is free for everyone and extremely user friendly.

2. Slack

Next cloud based app is app for your collaboration since the office has expanded from cubicle to the whole globe. You need to face different time zones and communicate back and forth.
Slack has solved the issue. You can have video conferencing, and it is integrated with Dropbox and Google Drive. Searchable Log of Conversation and Knowledge (Slack) has a channel system which divides the work in different independent teams, clients or groups.
Its free version can go up to 10,000 messages, with 10 apps and could connect one to one video meeting.

3. Bitrix

The next level for your company is project management, CRM with video conferencing. Bitrix is the best choice at this stage. You will find it a complete business management tool. You can do invoicing and manage customer accounts, sales data, and generate different reports. Bitrix will keep you fully organized.

4. Git

If you are going to emerge as a software developer company Git is a must. You need to have a version control system (VCS), which could be best maintained through GitHub. A proven matchless security and flexibility offered by Linus Torvalds in 2005. In March, 2020, GitHub has released its mobile app for iOS and Android.

5. PayPal

When you are in business you need a payment gateway. PayPal is the cloud based global currency and payment handler that has no monthly fee. It could be easily integrated with any of your billing software. Payment is collected globally in different currencies and will be automatically converted to your selected currency at the current rate.


It depends on the nature of the business your company is into, as which cloud based app you should be using? Majority of the companies would find the suggested apps suitable. However, there could be exceptions as well, if the specific business needs are entirely different.

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