It is easy to observe the twin faceted nature of technology. Technology is becoming an even more fundamental part of our lives than ever before. Some observers often decry this prevalence of technology. They cite several adverse facts about our tech-enabled lives that aren’t desirable. And of course, technology is to be blamed for it. But as would be evident from the following discussions, that is not quite the case.


Social Media


If there weren’t enough hate in life, social media does indeed fill up the gap. It is natural and human to get caught up in the hate web. And we end up having extreme convictions about someone without even meeting him once.


But it is only one side of the picture. This same social media helps us to get in touch with old lost friends and stay in touch with them. This social media helps us to convey that we are all safe whenever disaster strikes.


Moreover, we are free to decide on our online socializing levels. So, it would be like being a hater on social media to decry the whole thing. And ironically, for the same reasons, we criticize social media.




Sure, gadgets keep us distracted but think of the world of conveniences they present to us. From interacting with people through smartphones to repairing automobiles, such devices make life easier.




While it is true that people spend more time in front of computers and laptops than ever, it is also how the majority of people do work these days. From making work more accessible to new forms of immersive entertainment, it is possible due to tech.




Technology-based automation helps businesses cut down on both the time and cost. You can manufacture more at a lesser cost and turn over the goods to buyers thanks to technology.




Another significant beneficiary of technological progress is the health sector. It has brought about numerous innovations that help live longer. Maybe as the novel coronavirus pandemic shows, it is not full proof. But still, it is true that we have come a long way and that things are getting better.

To Sum It Up


In its essence, technology like science is only knowledge. It is up to the user to use this knowledge of tools in the way he wants. Instead of changing technological adaptation, it would be wiser to change ourselves. We can be a part of such a change by exercising restraint in our actions. The boons and miracles technology makes possible are substantial. And when we have the power of personal self-control, it would be foolish to forsake technology for the twisted nature of the human psyche. There is also the additional factor of the government having more access to our lives. Access that lets them control us to dystopian extents. But then, isn’t the solution to that lies in making them transparent and accountable?


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